Our Features

State-of-the-art drone services

What we offer

UMag Solutions provide high-quality magnetic services using drone-borne towed magnetic gradiometer systems together with photogrammetric systems. Our main magnetic system, the V2Mag, is based on a patented solution that enables detailed mapping close to the surface and with consistent line spacing.

Why us

The V2Mag has already been proven in harsh conditions in relation to UXO mapping at the Hornsea II offshore windfarm in UK as well as for detailed mapping archaeology in Denmark

Why now

We improve occupational safety to make more efficient operations. The safe and high-quality data collected by our drone platform enables decision makers to reach conclusion based on the best available data.


Superior data quality

The V2Mag gradiometer system provides superior data quality as compared to competing solutions on the market. We have a high signal-to-noise ratio and a high positional precision in combination with consistent and complete data coverage.

Superior flight control

Our patent pending towing system enables us to carry out drone-borne surveys in both open spaces (such as tidal flats) as well as in confined vegetated areas, carrying out consistent surveys about 0.5m above water level or terrain, which increases mapping details.

In-house data interpretation

We have in-house competences for high-level magnetic data processing that enables us to deliver state-of-the-art magnetic data and plots for our customers.

Reduced human risks

Our drone-based platform lowers human risks particularly in relation to UXO detection.