At UMag Solutions, we incorporate quality, health, safety and the environment as a mandatory and natural thing in all of our decisions and actions.



A minimum of two members of any UMag Solutions flight operation team on site are certified drone pilots and fully trained in SUA operations and the safety procedures in accordance with Danish legislations.


At UMag Solutions all personnel participating in any operations have documented and recently updated lifesaving first aid courses.



Our personnel are obligated to follow general statutory health, safety and environmental laws, regulations, rules and standards. In order to minimize the risk of fatal incidents as related to fatigue and unawareness, our operational personnel are required to have at least 11 hours of rest between two consecutive SUA flight operations. Furthermore, the assigned remote pilot shall not operate the SUA for more than four consecutive hours.

For each operation, we prepare a written site- and operation specific risk assessment document that contains an updated formal hazard identification and risk analysis (including environmental risks) as well as sufficient mitigations.



We always provide suitable work clothes to our personnel as well as all daily safety equipment to secure a safe operation on the site; equipment includes emergency communication systems (two-way radio system), first aid box with first aid supplies, a fire extinguisher, and safety SUA operator hi-visibility vests. If an operation takes place on an inter-tidal surface, we provide hi-visibility lifejackets for its personnel.

We ensure that all safety equipment and all operational equipment (e.g. SUAs) used on the site are periodically maintained, are in good operating conditions and are only used by competent workers trained and qualified to use such equipment. A maintenance log book will be continuously updated during our operations.