V2MAG™ Mil. Ed.

V2Mag™ Solution (Mil. Ed.)

The V2MAG™ Solution (Mil. Ed.) is a battle-proven, rugged, STANAG-compliant and weatherproof UAV magnetic solution, designed for reliable and efficient UXO, land- and naval mine detection in any terrain onshore or offshore and both open and confined spaces.

With years of commercial and military technology validation on almost any type of UXO / Mine, the V2Mag™ solution is the most reliable and validated UAV magnetic solution on the market.


World-class Gradiometry Data

With only 0.01 nT system noise level, zero heading error, centimeter-level positioning and dual quantum-sensor setup, the V2Mag™ solution provides unbeatable data quality with reliable detection of minuscule magnetic signals.

Stand-alone Payload / Complete Turnkey Solution

The V2Mag™ solution is UAV agnostic and fits on any quadcopter UAV with a minimum payload capacity of 5 kg.

As a complete turnkey solution, we recommend the V2Mag™ NOA solution with our EU partner Acecore Technologies.

End-to-End Operation Software

UMagMission™ is our single-point-of-access end-to-end operation software that includes UAV mission planning, real-time data QC, automatic data processing, and reliable target analysis on the fly through our in-built advanced algorithm (see method).

Extensive and Extreme Track Record

Since 2019, the V2Mag has been commercially validated in 50+ onshore and offshore UXO campaigns. The solution has also been meticulously tested and validated in extreme onshore minefield scenarios with dense vegetation and small AP mines and in complex offshore minefields with deep targets demonstrating superior detection of targets from shore and up to 20m water depth. Reports are available here.

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