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November 29, 2018


Arne Døssing Andreasen

We are proud to state the incorporation of UMag Solutions ApS to bring you state-of-the-art drone services.

Recent News

V2Mag and UXO Detection

V2Mag and UXO Detection

We are happy to reveal the detection capabilities of our patented drone-based V2Mag magnetic gradiometer system in relation to small UXO and landmines found in modern and recent war zones. A selection of UXO and landmines (”targets”) with ferrous contents of ∼0-2.5kg...

UXO Survey in Porthsmouth, UK.

UXO Survey in Porthsmouth, UK.

Another complex campaign successfully completed in the UK. Shortly after conducting three surveys on different islands in Scotland, UMag has just completed another efficient UXO magnetic gradiometer drone survey. This time in the harbor of Portsmouth, UK. The survey...