Autonomous Surface Mapping

A cleverly recorded and compiled set of georeferenced images, captured through an airborne drone system, can provide  detailed image compilations and topography maps such as orthophotos and 3-D models, through photogrammetry. 

When combined with drone LiDAR or USV-mounted MBES (Uncrewed Surface Vehicle mounted Multi Beam Echosounder), seamless, combined topography and bathymetry surface models become possible.

Augmenting magnetic data with surface models and orthophotos can significantly eases data analysis and planning. A magnetic survey for UXO, for example, greatly benefits from the ability to evaluate results against high-resolution, accurately georeferenced orthophotos. Their combination enables cross-examination between accurate object positions from magnetic data, and surface objects visible in the orthophotos, resulting in enhanced object classification abilities.

Our suface maps enable you to evaluate any site directly from your office – as shown in the simple example below.

A 3D Digital Surface Model we created using Drone Photogrammetry

What We Offer



Vertical image mosaic and georeferenced orthoimages using drone photogrammetry.



3D Digital Surface- and Elevation Modeling, Structure Imaging, and Georeferencing through LiDAR and/or photogrammetry.



Shallow water bathymetry through USV-mounted MBES. Seamless topographic/bathymetric maps available through combination of USV and drone methods.

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