At UMag, we are committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure workplace for our employees and a minimum impact on the environment.

We have strong HSSE protocols in place and comply with the ISO 21384-3 for Unmanned aircraft systems to ensure safe commercial operations no matter the task or location.

Experience & HSSE Training

UMag continuously determines relevant HSSE risks and reduce them to as low as is reasonably practicable. We are comitted to review and evaluate all incidents or near-misses in order to identifiy areas of improvement.

All our employees are trained in the latest safety procedures and regulations.


Our industrial drones are equipped with redundant systems in order to minimize the potential impact of a hardware failure.

All safety and operational equipment (incl PPE) is periodically maintained, is in good operating conditions, and is used only by certified and competent operators. 


Minimizing the environmental impact is of capital importance to UMag. We often operate inside national parks or in otherwise sensitive natural habitats. As part of our planning, we always evaluate the necessary steps to minimize our impact on the local environment during an operation.