Drone Magnetic Surveying

At UMag, we offer drone magnetic services, specializing in drone magnetic UXO and landmine detection. Marine UXO pose threats to offshore wind and subsea cable installations, while landmines and other munitions continue to harm both people and our environment in former and active war zones, as well as former military training grounds. Using our drone-based solutions, we can provide efficient and accurate UXO and landmine detection for a safer and more sustainable world.

Magnetic Surveying – How it Works

Magnetic surveying relies on magnetic sensors (magnetometers) to record spatial variation in the Earth’s magnetic field. If high-quality sensors are used – and meticulous care is taken to minimize system noise, one may accurately map subtle magnetic outliers (or anomalies) in the subsurface. Such anomalies may relate, for example, to metallic objects, mineralized veins, boulders, or changes in soil conditions.  

Why Drones?

Industrial-grade drones are optimal solutions for magnetic surveying, given their ability to rapidly and reliably cover large areas and to fly across terrains that are otherwise difficult or even dangerous to access. UMag’s versatile drone solutions are customized for specific purposes, and enable you to base decisions on the most precise and sensitive magnetic data, while cutting both time and costs compared to conventional surveying.

Why Drone Magnetic Gradiometry?

Magnetic gradiometry solutions utilize two or more simultaneously recording sensors and are less sensitive ambient noise. Our gradiometer solutions provide high-quality data, even in areas with strong magnetic background noise. We offer direct access to precisely positioned magnetic gradients (residuals) without the need to filter or excessively manipulate data, thereby reducing further operational risks and costs. Decision-making has never been easier.

Single-sensor versus Gradiometry – A UXO Case Example

The maps below show drone magnetic data, collected during a UXO survey in an area with strong magnetic noise from passing ships and nearby live power cables. While the single-sensor solution (left) is strongly affected by noise and fails to detect many UXO, the V2Mag gradiometer solution (right) provides direct access to well-resolved gradients, with clear detection of multiple UXO and seabed drainage channels. 

What We Offer


Unexploded Ordnance and Landmines

With our in-house developed and ultra low-noise V2Mag system, we offer low altitude magnetic gradiometer surveys down to 20 cm from ground or 1m from local sea surface, anywhere within 3km of shore. Documented detection of 50kg ferrous objects at 10m (report available here). Documented landmine detection capabilities (find the report here).



Do you need to map any hidden archaeology in an inaccessible area? Our ultra-sensitive V2Mag system is perfect for providing you the best drone archaeomagnetic data on the market.


Preliminary Site Investigation

Do you need to rapidly scan a large area for any existing geotechnical installations before planning a detailed UXO survey or other operations? With our F1Mag system, we offer rapid exploratory magnetic site investigation surveys, anywhere within 3km from shore.


Mineral Exploration

At UMag, we proudly say “Surveys for the Future”.

Minerals are essential components in today’s rapidly growing clean energy technologies. Our drone magnetic solutions offer you easy access to high-quality data on all scales, to help you identify and trace potential mineralisations of interest. 

With its terrain-following capabilities, our towed V2Mag is optimal for generating densely sampled data set, replacing and surpassing any ground magnetic surveys in both quality and coverage.

Are you looking for a magnetic overview instead? We offer sub-regional scale total-field surveys, using our towed F1Mag, or full-gradient magnetic surveys, using our soon-to-come towed XMag. Both systems are suitable for replacing smaller heliborne surveys and both systems have been validated for mineral exploration purposes in northern Scandinavian terrain.

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