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We operate across different market segments ranging from UXO detection, sub-surface structures and objects, environmental and archaeology studies to resource exploration.

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UXO Detection

Precise and safe UXO detection has always been a very important. In recent years, efforts of detecting and clearing UXO are becoming increasingly important during the initial geophysical investigations in relation to sea-to-land power cable laying for offshore wind farms. The V2Mag has been successfully applied to potential UXO detection at the Hornsea II cable landing area in UK with efficient mapping of an intertidal and surf-zone area. The precise positioning, consistent coverage and low noise level of the V2Mag minimizes false and imprecise detections of UXO and removes the need for two separate service providers in the near-shore and onshore beach areas.

Sub-surface structures and objects

Techniques for conducting initial ground investigations prior to construction are often inadequate and incomplete. Typical manmade structures and objects are oil barrels, tractors, pipelines, railway tracks etc. These objects sometimes pose an environmental concern that can lead to delays and increased costs during subsequent construction phases. We deliver smooth and efficient day-to-day service operations for complete scanning of the designated area.


Identification of hidden archaeology suffers from insufficient survey techniques and platforms which often results in the loss of important and unique historical artefacts. Overlooked artefacts can also lead to delay and increase in the costs of infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, and railways. With the V2Mag, we are able to map close to the ground and in a completely noise-free magnetic environment. This enables us to detect small anomalies related to archaeology and/or subsurface contamination.

Resource Exploration

Detailed magnetic mapping of exploration areas by traditional mapping methods are often hampered by difficult terrain and vegetation. The V2Mag offers agility and flexibility, which makes it independent of geographical limitations at reduced operating costs compared to existing survey platforms.  This enables mining and exploration companies to better data enabling them to become more efficient during the different stages of exploration for less money.

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