Multi-survey UXO campaign completed on Orkney, Scotland



Written by Arne Døssing Andreasen

Arne is the CEO and co-founder of UMag Solutions.

24 Sep, 2021

UMAG has completed yet another high-quality magnetic gradiometer campaign. This time for Fugro and Global Marine Group (GMG) on the islands of Orkney, north of Scotland. Six individual drone-borne surveys were completed in near-shore conditions on five different islands. An efficient operation with fast delivery and great results, despite challenging logistics and coastal settings.  With noise levels of just 0.01-0.02nT (significantly below industry standards) and a precisely positioned gradiometer setup, we were able to map all relevant subsurface structures and pUXO anomalies despite high-amplitude noise from live sub-sea power cables and armored concrete structures in several of the survey areas.

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