V2Mag™ Solution

Our cutting-edge and layman-applicable V2Mag™ solution sets the standard for UAV onshore and offshore UXO/mine detection.

The V2Mag™ solution includes our patented V2Mag™ gradiometry payload and a fully integrated Ground Control Station with our advanced UMAGMission™ software. The complete V2Mag™ solution offers layman access to advanced features, including UAV mission planning, real-time data QC, automatic data processing and easy-to-use UXO target analysis.

We offer the V2Mag™ solution as a stand-alone solution (minimum UAV payload capacity of 5 kg) or a complete turnkey solution through selected UAV partners.

The V2Mag™ solution comes with a complete training program to equip our clients with the necessary skills to operate the system effectively and safely.

World-class Gradiometry Data

With only 0.01 nT system noise level, zero heading error, centimeter-level positioning and dual quantum-sensor setup, the V2Mag™ solution provides unbeatable data quality with reliable detection of minuscule magnetic signals.

Stand-alone Payload / Complete Turnkey Solution

The V2Mag™ solution is UAV agnostic and fits on any quadcopter UAV with a minimum payload capacity of 5 kg.

As a complete turnkey solution, we recommend the V2Mag™ NOA solution with our EU partner Acecore Technologies.

End-to-End Operation Software

UMagMission™ is our single-point-of-access end-to-end operation software that includes UAV mission planning, real-time automatic data processing, user-friendly and reliable UXO target analysis through our in-built advanced algorithm (see method).

Extensive Track Record

With numerous commercial UXO campaigns since 2019, countless mine/UXO field demonstrations and thousands upon thousands of survey kilometres flown, the quality and reliability of the V2Mag™ is well-known among leading offshore wind developers, geophysical survey companies, and UXO consultants.

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