Survey campaign near Middlesbrough, United Kingdom



Written by Mick Emil Kolster

Mick is a co-founder of UMag Solutions. Mick works with the Geophysical data processing and Operations.

30 Jul, 2021

UMag completes survey campaign near Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

We recently completed a nighttime survey campaign near Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.

The survey area was located on a beach and intertidal area frequented by members of the public, making conventional daytime surveying challenging.

Seeking to minimize the associated risks as much as possible, we performed the survey during evening and nighttime instead. Drone operations in natural darkness pose additional requirements, especially with regard to safety procedures, synthetic lighting, and visibility constraints.

As usual, all requirements were handled excellently by our experienced survey team, and we successfully completed the survey without any safety incidents, over just three consecutive days.

All collected data was of the highest quality, with a noise level below ± 0.01nT.

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