UXO Survey in Porthsmouth, UK.



Written by Arne Døssing Andreasen

Arne is the CEO and co-founder of UMag Solutions.

12 Feb, 2021

Another complex campaign successfully completed in the UK.

Shortly after conducting three surveys on different islands in Scotland, UMag has just completed another efficient UXO magnetic gradiometer drone survey. This time in the harbor of Portsmouth, UK.

The survey area had significant background magnetic disturbances but with a peak-to-peak noise level of just 0.015nT on our gradiometer system, a high-precision positioning and 100% accepted survey lines after QC, we have been able to provide a high quality data set to Fugro and the Portsmouth City Council.

Our results are supported by a Surrogate Item Trial showing clear detection of a 50kg ferrous content target at ~10m altitude of our sensor system above the target.

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