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UMag Solutions consistently provide state-of-the-art UXO detection services and surveys using our drone-based systems. Our patented V2Mag system, combined with our rigorous Quality Assurance and Control procedures, ensure successful delivery of top-quality datasets with full scope coverage – every time.

The Patented V2Mag System

Our patented V2Mag system is the product of our extensive geophysical knowledge and expertise, our years of drone-based surveying experience, and our pending patents, combined with the best hardware the market has to offer. The V2Mag, combined with our rigorous Quality Assurance and Control procedures, ensure successful delivery of top-quality datasets with full scope coverage – every time.

Magnetic surveying is a key method for mapping the subsurface. The method relies on magnetometers (magnetic sensors) which respond to the magnetic signal of all materials in the subsurface – from the global magnetic field of the Earth’s core to very local magnetic fields of the Earth’s crust.

If high-quality magnetometers are used – and care is taken to keep the magnetic noise sources to a minimum, one can map meticulous magnetic outliers in the subsurface, also referred to as magnetic anomalies.

Magnetic anomalies may relate for example to magnetic contrasts between metallic and non-metallic materials (UXO versus sand), mineralized veins, boulders versus soil, or clay versus decomposed wood. By using magnetometers to scan an area, one may thereby generate a complete image of the subsurface.

Our Experience

With hundreds of flight hours logged across more than 13 countries across Europe, our drone surveying experience ranges from the Greenlandic ice sheet, Svalbard mountains, chilling Icelandic highlands, through the Scottish weather and Scandinavian winds, and the baking heat of the Portuguese summer. In other words; no matter the scope, location, or terrain, our experienced team can always get the job done. Our rigorous safety procedures have enabled us to retain a, to date, harm-free operational record, and our broad experience has left us with a deep knowledge of all relevant legislations, and we ensure full compliance with all local and national regulatory bodies.

Our Services

UMag’s drone-borne services include:

  • Drone-based magnetic gradiometer mapping by our patented V2Mag system, fit for any terrain and water depths of up 10m
  • Drone-based photogrammetry- and/or LIDAR-based surface/terrain mapping, fit for any on-land or intertidal area
  • Near-shore shallow bathymetry mapping autonomus vessel with Multibeam Echosounder, fit for shallow waters and intertidal areas.

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    Meet the Founders

    UMag Solutions was founded in 2018 by four geoscientists and engineers with expertise within the fields of geophysics, magnetic surveying, flight dynamics, and drone-based surveying. Apart from our extensive operational and data processing knowledge and experience, our founders also have numerous patents and peer-reviewed scientific publications within drone and aircraft based surveying and processing, magnetic data collection, and UXO detection to their names.

    Arne Døssing Andreasen

    CEO & co-founder

    Mick Emil Kolster

    Data Processing Specialist & co-founder

    Eduardo Lima Simões da Silva

    Hardware Developer & co-founder

    Lasse Nørbye Døssing

    Business Developer & co-founder

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